Triple C Business Advertising Spec


        "A Company With A Mission To Serve"

Our mission is to provide Service and Good Relationship Advantages for our promotional products

Why do you need Promotional Products for your company?

Promotional Products Advertising is the fastest growing medium in the country. Triple C Big ROI with creative ideas and innovative services.

Today, imprinted promotional products are prevalent everywhere you go. Caps, shirts, pens, calendars, coffee mugs, water bottles, and thousands of other imprinted items offer every type of business... from the largest corporations to the smallest one-person operations ... tremendous flexibility to effectively create a unique method for spreading their advertising message.

Besides, promotional products continue to promote "goodwill" ... extending appreciation for past business and asking for new business in a unique manner that no other advertising medium can offer.

Solve both of those problems with advertising specialties.
·Adding specialties that will go directly to your customers and potential customers--and stay with them, every day.
·Everyone appreciates a gift. That gratitude translates into customer loyalty.
·Advertising specialties are the best Blessing 4 Business advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, they cost...well, peanuts.
Don't let your strategy drive you nutty. You can get high-performance advertising without shelling out a lot of dough. Try ad specialties, for lasting impact.

Our Customers

Satisfied customers are the key to our success. All orders, check and balance large and small, receive the same enthusiastic attention. Each order is checked for accuracy and completeness to help resolve any problems that would otherwise delay an order. When an order needs special care and attention, it is handled in a manner that assures those special needs are met ... needs such as "rush" handling for an important event, or last-minute changes to an order.

Due to our special care and state-of-the-art computer processing capabilities, we're known for the most complete, easiest to handle orders in our industry. This ensures the customer's orders get priority treatment along the line.

We are not satisfied until the customers are satisfied. Our greatest asset is the reputation we have carefully built. We guard it with pride by always putting our customers first. This simple check and balance. has insured tens of thousands of customers use our products again and again